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Why Choose Ledure LEDs for commercial lighting?

Using LED bulbs in your commercial lighting fixtures can have a drastic brunt on your energy bill. 

In fact, you can possibly cut amount by as much as 80%. It’s been proven that LED lighting uses at least 70% less energy than traditional shining bulbs, so when you multiply this by how many bulbs it takes to brighten a commercial space you’ll soon come to realize how much more money you will be saving. 

Not only LED's are correct for your bills, less energy use is better for the aura, so LED's are a big step towards creating a green commercial space.

There’s a very low maintenance required when you are using a Ledure commercial LED lighting system. The expected lifespan of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours. So if they’re being used for 10 hours a day, as you may expect in a commercial setting, then you should get almost 14 years use per bulb. 

Combine these with your energy savings and you’ll see that LED's are definitely a wise investment.

Recommended Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Here at Ledure lighting, we have an array of fixtures that can be used in your commercial lighting design.

Commercial LED Lighting Strips

These can fall under two different solutions, linear lighting and LED strip tape. Which one is suitable for you depends very much on the space that you’re lighting.

Commercial lighting bulbs, Zoom lighting and ceiling down-lights

Ideal for use in retail spaces such as for displaying products or equally at home in a gallery. 

These focused LED lighting fixtures can easily blend into a space and highlight the important items in a room.


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