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Top delightful reasons to choose granite marbles

Thinking about getting new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom? Then granite marbles should definitely be there in your short list because they are massive, though and hard which makes them suitable for construction purposes. They are more popular for their durability and quality.

Here are some reasons to choose granite marbles over any other marble-

INEXPENSIVE - Everyone has a specific budget to buy anything. Granite marbles are much cheaper than any other marble ,given it has more reliable features.

Varied colours- They are available in many colours but their colour and pattern depends from slab to slab. So always look for actual slabs you want for your kitchen or bathroom and not just photos or samples.

Easy to maintain- One thing that you need to do for marbles vigilantly is to maintain them, otherwise they can look like cheap junk after a few years. But caring for granite countertops is not tedious. A warm and soapy water can do the trick.

Locking out the stains- Sealing these counter tops will protect them from stains and discoloration.It’s best to use a sealant that’s in the product class known as impregnating. These seep into the stone, improving its’ level of protection and durability. By doing this you can save your counter-tops for upto six months , one year or maybe if you are lucky then after a longer time. Then again you have to repeat the process of sealing the.

Environment friendly- Granite is a natural stone that is dug from the earth and cutted out into slabs to be used for countertops and tiles. It makes for very hard countertops.

Resembles with more expensive marbles- Granite marbles doesn't stop you from having that beautiful marble look.As an added bonus, granite that looks like marble has a lower price tag and requires less maintenance, so you get more for your money.

Galaxy Marmo provides you with an outstanding range of Granite marbles suitable for your preference. These marbles are available in a great variety and in different colors. Galaxy Marmo does not compromise with the quality of its products and believes in constant innovation so you can be assured about the efficiency of the product.  So, shop at Galaxy Marmo for best Italian marbles all over the Delhi NCR  Visit our website for more information :

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How to choose the right marble for home

While there is no industry standard for quality when it comes to marble tile, there are some ways you can watch out for lower quality materials. Learning what makes a marble stronger, what makes it weaker and when these factors matter can help you choose the right material for you tile design.

Galaxy Marmo Marbles is a renowned manufacturer of Italian  marble in India. It is a leading name in white marble suppliers. We offer a wide range of white marble with assured quality and the best price in the market. Italian marble slabs are one of the best options for flooring material due to its beautiful and pure look. If you choose Italian marble for your home or any commercial space , you get a number of options to select as italian marble has a varied range. The  Morwad Marble, White Morwad Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana White Marble, Statuario Marble, Indian Statuario Marble, Opal White Marble, Rajnagar White Marble, Rajnagar Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana  White Marble, Dungri Marble are the best sellers in white marble range. They are very popular in the market because of their fine finish, pure white colour, and smooth texture. Italian marble is the most likely choice for homes as the white colour adds elegance and create serenity in the atmosphere. It also gives a feel of wider space. You can try the Galaxy marmo for flooring and for wall cladding as well. Else you can try mixing white marble with other marbles or  any other building materials for a different yet pretty look. The range of white marble we have is best in the industry and pocket friendly as well. So if you are planning to build a new abode or just thinking to add some more room to your home or office, try white marble. It can create wonders.

Galaxy marmo is one of the most reputed exporters of Italian Marbles from India and takes pleasure in representing India's legacy of natural Italian marble. We have the Marble Tiles available in different colour and types. Galaxy marmo India is offering the marble tiles at the lowest price. Marble Tiles is used for the flooring and wall cladding. It has very nice appearance with strength and durability. We have many different kind of marble tiles according to the type of origin of marble stone. Explore our range of Indian Marble Tiles, Italian Marble Tiles at the lowest price in highest quality. Marble is a natural stone which is used in construction of residential buildings, public buildings, offices, and religious structures. Apart from flooring, marble tiles are also used in blacksplash, countertops, facades and as decorative wall cladding. For more durability, it is advisable to use good quality marble. So for good quality marbles, galaxy marmo in Delhi is the best recommend brand in today's era.


Galaxy Marmo founded in 2009, started with a dream to select and carry the best marbles from unique places around the globe to India. Today, Galaxy Marmo has proved to be one of India's biggest marble vendors. They provide such a variety of marbles that is difficult to provide for other parts of the marbles industry. The collection consists of hundreds of straight varieties from Italy, Egypt, France, Turkey etc.

Galaxy Marmo

We own a large warehouse situated in New Delhi. Botticino Classico, Perlato Sicilia, Perlato Royal, Dyna Marble and many more spectacular quality marbles that are purchased from the best sellers in the market which are of high quality and even better functionality.

At Galaxy Marmo, they offer a wide variety of marbles to fit every style and pocket, from gold Vegas to rose pink. This lets us to make a smart decision and solve the problems. The products they produce are unsurpassed in terms of quality and the majority of the products come from the best industry suppliers, these goods are highly regarded for their price. They keep international standards in mind while showing you the marble they have. They use equipment and machinery which are unrivaled. All products come in various degree and regular finishes. These goods come with cost-effective prices and full features.

Granite is a type of stone widely used in building kitchen counter tops. The common rock has a distinct appearance and texture in its natural state but can be rendered as smooth as any other stone once it is cut and polished granite. Granite is classified as an igneous rock with a quartz content of 20 per cent or higher. The natural coloring of granite depends on the mineralogical composition of the individual object,  but granite typically has a pink or grey coloring variation. Granite is renowned not only for its elegance but also for its impact in the natural environment. This is also easy to clean as the chemicals used to clean its surface do not penetrate this rock or risk being distorted in any way. An additional bonus is the fact that a granite counter top doesn't need sealant. In addition, granite can be beveled and polished in highly decorative ways that contribute to any kitchen's elegance. Galaxy Marmo specializes in Granite Marble.

They have a wide range of granite marbles that they manufacture. Following are the various colors that

Galaxy Marmo offers at suitable prices:

  •  IVORY
  •  S WHITE

Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Any office or workplace is determined by the quality of employees that work in that office. After putting some efforts, hiring good employees is possible but making the employees work in very effective manner is the tough part. In this process furniture play a vital role. Office furniture not only makes any office look good but it also help employees to work in a very effective manner. According to a survey any employee spends 90% of his employment duration sitting on a chair and spending that much time sitting can damage the back of any person or an employee to the extent that he/she may have permanent back pain. This entire problem can be resolved, all it requires is addition of some advanced techniques of an employee working at the workplace.

"Furniture box has launched an initiative where we replace all the desks with adjustable chairs and desks that allows employees to work while standing or sitting both." Our director Vikas Rathi says furniture are not only determined by their quality but also by the relaxation it provides to the user. This has been our main focus while designing any of our furniture. We just don't design good furniture we also design your entire office. There are multiple things that we keep in our mind while designing the offices. We at furniture box work on providing our clients maximum satisfaction and best quality furniture. So whatever your next project will be, please contact furniture box for getting best quality furniture. Be it designing of just one cabin of your office or your entire office, furniture box will support you in designing your office by putting world class furniture to your dream project.

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Are your rest room fixtures and fittings mounted at the suitable height? Is the towel out of reach of the shower or the health faucet on the incorrect side? If so, there are a few things you must keep in mind to get rid of these without difficulty and get rid of from this day-to-day irritant with the help of Toyo sanitary wares.


The height of the mirror in toilets relies upon on the kind of mirror being installed, however a mirror is ideally positioned anywhere between 38 and 42 inches from the finished floor. The standard height of the mirror above the vanity will vary depending on the shape and size of the mirror, the average height of the users, and height of your sink and faucet.

We should ensure that the mirror is around eye-level for most of the users!

Here are three easy tricks to determine the optimal mirror height:

 Hang the mirror 5” to 10” inches above the sink
 Hang the mirror a few inches above the highest part of the faucet
 Centre the mirror in between the vanity lighting and the sink.

Although contemporary trendy vanity top installation is at 36 inches, it can be too high or too low for
positive people. If the bathroom is being remodelled for children, then it is better to purchase them a
stool rather than decreasing the peak as the children will finally grow and you would have to re-install the vanity. The toilet on the different hand need to be established as per the top of the user.
Showerheads The top of the showerhead or rain shower be high enough not to contact your head however low enough to create a mild glide of water. Typical top for showerhead set up is 6 and a half feet which can be altered as per the height of the bathers. You need to be able to stand below the shower except crouching, which is mainly necessary if you have a shower cum bath in your bathroom. 


The height of the bathroom shelves is commonly fixed as per the usage. They are generally set up at an elevation of 3 feet or 4 feet or as per the top of the mirror above the vanity. There is no fixed rule for the shelves as they can be set up somewhere in the bathroom to go well with your convenience.
Soap Dish and Dispenser The Ideal height for a soap dish is between 44 inches and 54 inches. However, the dish should be installed away from the shower spray to stop the collection of water in the dish. A soap dispenser can be installed at a height between 40-48 inches.

Towel Ring 

The standard height of a towel ring is between 50 and 52 inches measured from the finished bathroom floor. However, if your towel ring is to be installed above the vanity then you can mount it at a height of 20-22 inches above counter height.

Towel Rail

The towel rail height depends on the height of the users and the type of bathroom. For instance, if the
bathroom is to be used by the children then the towel rail will be installed lower. The ideal height,
however, is 48 inches above the finished floor. If you are installing multiple rails always keep a distance of minimum inches of more than a folded towel between rails.

The ideal height for bathroom cabinets is at least 54 inches above finished floor because your vanity
counter will be placed at a height of 36 inches leaving an 18-inch gap between the counter and the

When you are planning your bathroom, these simple measurements will ensure that you have a logical bathroom with correct ergonomics so that your bathroom fixtures are no longer an obstacle in your everyday morning routine.

Godrej Roseberry - Godrej New Project Sector 43 Noida | Buy New Launch Flats

Godrej Roseberry

Godrej Properties is the best leading developer in the real estate sector and coming up to offer the newly launched property for sale in Noida city. The upcoming residential project name is Godrej Roseberry situated at Sector 43 Noida city. All the project is beautifully designed by experts team of engineers, decorators, & architecture. They offer 2 Bhk, 3 Bhk, & 4 Bhk luxurious apartments for sale at an affordable price range.

Godrej Roseberry Noida
The location of Sector 43 Noida which is one of the happening sectors adding smooth closeness to the vital places of Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon. The upcoming Jewar International Airport is going to elevate the demand for residential projects so that the home buyers avail of high return over investment.

Godrej Roseberry Noida houses can avail of most of the costly facilities like luxurious membership house, 4 varieties of party garden, infinity swimming pool, wooded area trails, tenting area, basement vehicle parking, indoor badminton and tennis courtroom, 24 hours security, strength back up and zero waste society.

Godrej Roseberry Sector 43 Noida Highlights:-

  • More than 80% Open area
  • Project Area: 11Acres
  • Total Towers: 7
  • Clubhouse: 40000 Sq.ft
  • Theme: Forrest Theme
  • Floor Rise: G+31 & G+35 Floors
Godrej New Project Neighbourhoods:- 
  • Wave Cinema - 10 mins
  • Botanical Garden - 10 mins
  • Fortis Hospital - 20 mins
  • DLF Mall of India - 10 mins
  • Noida Film City - 20 mins
  • Noida Sector 37 Golf Course - 5 mins
  • Noida Expressway 15 mins
  • Noida Sector 18 Market - 10 mins

Why Choose Ledure LEDs for commercial lighting?

Using LED bulbs in your commercial lighting fixtures can have a drastic brunt on your energy bill. 

In fact, you can possibly cut amount by as much as 80%. It’s been proven that LED lighting uses at least 70% less energy than traditional shining bulbs, so when you multiply this by how many bulbs it takes to brighten a commercial space you’ll soon come to realize how much more money you will be saving. 

Not only LED's are correct for your bills, less energy use is better for the aura, so LED's are a big step towards creating a green commercial space.

There’s a very low maintenance required when you are using a Ledure commercial LED lighting system. The expected lifespan of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours. So if they’re being used for 10 hours a day, as you may expect in a commercial setting, then you should get almost 14 years use per bulb. 

Combine these with your energy savings and you’ll see that LED's are definitely a wise investment.

Recommended Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Here at Ledure lighting, we have an array of fixtures that can be used in your commercial lighting design.

Commercial LED Lighting Strips

These can fall under two different solutions, linear lighting and LED strip tape. Which one is suitable for you depends very much on the space that you’re lighting.

Commercial lighting bulbs, Zoom lighting and ceiling down-lights

Ideal for use in retail spaces such as for displaying products or equally at home in a gallery. 

These focused LED lighting fixtures can easily blend into a space and highlight the important items in a room.

How is it more easy to get investor via IIIOP

After taking a look at the versatile and competitive people that comprise the population 
of India, there is a very huge competition that these people impose on the country to
deal with. The ratio of people who want to get an investment is more than the people
who want to make one. This increases the difficulty of an individual to get investments
of any sort. Before approaching an investor a person makes a detailed proposal to share 
with the investors without having any idea about his/her certainty of getting an
appointment.  Most of the time, people from Tier 2 cities travel to metro cities to
 approach right companies and people who would invest in their ideas.  Approaching 
investors in this huge competitive market specially after belonging to a small town 
requires a lot of confidence and willpower.

For people who do not have contacts or influential backgrounds to get money for 
their business easily, IIIOP is an amazing platform.

You just need to upload your idea in this Mobile App and share a brief of it 
irrespective of above mentioned concerns. Anyone from around the world can upload
the idea of any kind in this Mobile App. If any of the investors from the investor
panel are interested in the idea or like the idea, IIIOP will invite you to meet 
with the concerned investor and present them with the complete proposal and 
presentation of your idea.

If the Investor likes the idea, an individual can get money for their business. 


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